Hello Sponsors: Keep Company

I’ve got a great gift idea for you, are you familiar with Keep Company shoes? They’re one of my favorite places to buy kids shoes for Henry. Remember when I was obsessed with them about this time last year? Now they’re a sponsor here! In both child and adult styles, you can knock of quite a few people on your Christmas list this year with a gift of keeps. I love the rustic, woodsy style and the shoes are really well made and very sturdy for little active feet. A few of my favorites: Kids Guerra, Kids Ramos, Adult Ramos, and Adult Solis. Plus you can follow them along on their blog, they’re always involved in some great environmental cause and some great tips on local sample sales. Such a great company, check them out!

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Hey~! I know those shoes! I have a pair of them that I got as a hand-me-down from one of my older sister's best friends. I love them so~ much.They're really comfortable on your feet, but I wouldn't wear them when it's rainy season (ha ha ha).‚ô°Chika-sanlittlepinkshoe.blogspot.com

These are SO adorable! It's so difficult to find great boy's shoes. Thanks!

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