DIY: Sequin Pocket Tee

I’ve been playing around a lot with sequins, it’s so much fun. A couple days ago I made this embellished sequin pocket tee.

I love how it looks peeking out behind  a shrunken blazer. I always buy my blazers in the little boys section of thrift stores. I have a full section of my closet devoted to such thrifted blazers.

It was really easy. I started with some sequin elastic and  a white pocket tee. I got the 1” wide sequin elastic from my local fabric store. They normally have three sizes: single strand, 1” and 1 1/2”. The 1” was I think  $2 a yard.

I cut the sequin elastic into three strips plus a triangle shape for the bottom tip of the pocket. Sequins fall off a bit when I cut but I kept them around for later.

I hand stitched the sequin strips on, starting with the bottom tip. If there were a few sequins that had fallen off and it looked like there was a little empty spot, I simply strung a couple onto my string while I was sewing it on.
I love the festive touch it gives! Stay tuned, more sequin embellishment projects coming up…


very cute! I have been doing some fun embellishing projects too 🙂 I love the sequins.

I cant wait to try this! Super cute for the holidays

i buy my blazers in thrift boys dept too! i just got a great one last week. and love that sequined pocket! xo, Claudia

very clever! I am going through a sequin phase right now myself….

I love this! I tried on Jcrew's tank version over the weekend but couldn't decide how I felt about it- yours is super cute though, I'd wear it in a heart beat:)

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