DIY: Homemade Dots Wrapping Paper

See? I told you I was obsessed with destroying crayons. This time I made some pretty dots wrapping paper. See the full tutorial here. Another advantage of crayons: it melts and then hardens so quickly under the iron that it never really gets wet, and therefore doesn’t wrinkle the tissue paper 🙂

Other crayon destruction projects:
Swirled Ornaments
Rainbow Crayons
Toddler Crayons
Bunting Crayon Roll (not really destruction, but cute none the less)


love this one!!! interesting :)Best,ola

Camille, yeah I think it's easier because you it melts and then hardens so instantly. that way it stays its shape and doesn't wrinkle the pepper with moisture 🙂

Diggin all the crayon wonderfulness – keep 'em coming!

This is so cute liz! I wonder how watercolor or paint would work instead of crayons though. Might be easier.

I love this idea! I have a bag full of broken crayons in my cupboard screaming for attention. Maybe I'll make them happy this Christmas. ;-)-Camberley

Fantastic!Love this idea, and I have some many broken crayons from when I was an art teacher:)

loving that paper … another tutorial to save. thanks for sharing! have a wonderful week.

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