My mom used to make these for all of our friends who had babies! 🙂 Memories…

Emily- holy cow, that is impressive! I'd love to see your creations

Fantastic! I was just thinking how I needed a new one for my fast growing boy:)

Awesome! I want to make some of these. Thanks for sharing! I've made a bunch of gifts this year- a messenger bag for my brother, a steelers throw for my brother in law, a set of reusable bags for my sister, a purse for my other sister, a fleece ruffly skirt for my sister in law, and a fleece housecoat for my mom. Still deciding about pj pants for my dad and a blanket for my daugther.

luke and pamela, i've made one of those too and it's one of my son's favorite games. so great! Carla, i've never made a homemade apron before but such a great gift idea for moms

Great tutorial, I made a similar (though not as cool) hooded towel from my son a while ago. I am currently working on an apron for my mom and a soft book for my little one. Homemade gifts rock!

so cute! i just made a memory game made up of family member's photos, for my niece and nephew who live abroad.

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