Christmas Pictures

Did you have a nice Christmas? This was the first one with just our family and it was really wonderful

Christmas Eve we had a little party with friends at our home

I wanted to do something special so Christmas wouldn’t feel lonely with just our little family and it turned out perfect. We made some yummy food like Gabby’s ham, rolls,  my favorite holiday salad and had fun things for people to do like make snow globes.

I bought some miniature trees, animals, boats and trains from a hobby store down the street. I realized that cutting off the tops of styrofoam balls would make perfect snowy hills and would make it easy to stabilize the skinny tree trunks

Adding a good amount of corn syrup and glitter to the water made it into a sparkly wonderland

Henry loves his snow globe. It was a fun thing for the families to do together.

Don’t little kids make Christmas so magical?? Hope yours was a merry one too!


where did you find the bowling set? your house is super cute.

omg, that last picture of the kids on the couch is too adorable! xoxo

I love the snow globes. What a perfect Christmas!

those snow globes look like so much fun, what a beautiful home too! Merry Christmas!

Sounds lovely! And your beautiful home is even more so when filled with all those adorable little faces 🙂

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