BlogNog: Waiting for Christmas Packages

Next up! We have lovely Victoria of The City Cradle with a really cute idea for making little advent packages counting down to Christmas. Welcome, Victoria!

These sweet little packages were designed for our family’s advent celebration this year. A smaller set of 12 would be the perfect way to count down the last days before Christmas with your family and friends as well. A fun place to hide goodies as you count down the season and they also serve as really pretty ornaments after looting the candy inside! The ones we’ve hung look like pretty white cocoons with the tree lights streaming behind them!

To make this fun Christmas countdown first blow up small (5 inch) balloons, you will need 1 balloon for every two packages.

Wrap your balloons with embroidery thread making sure you cover the entire balloon surface.

Dredge your covered balloons into a bowl of fabric stiffener and let dry for a full 24 hours.

Cut a small slit in the top of the balloons to allow them to deflate pulling away from the thread.

Cut your balloon thread mold in the center, creating two half circle packages.

Fill each package with your choice of Christmas treats.
Tie up with a festive ribbons and hand stamp your countdown numbers on each ribbon.

Untie to enjoy the goodies inside as you await the wonderful holiday!

{Project design and styling done by Victoria and the photography was shot by Carly Taylor}


Cute.(Normal Elmer's glue, watered down, works as a stiffener, too.)

What a brilliant idea! I love the shape and color, and can't wait to try it out.

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