BlogNog: New Years Surprise Cake

Our last blognog post (snif snif), and it’s an awesome one. Melanie, from one of my very favorite daily reads, You Are my Fav, is showing us how to make this awesome surprise cake for New Years. So brilliant, I love it!!


I think it would be fun to crack open this cake at the stroke of midnight. It could be filled with treats, noise makers and confetti. You could even make individual mini cakes for your guests and all crack them at once with a explosion of confetti.
metal bowl
white chocolate (I used candy melts)
decorative frosting (for the glue)
paper circles or other decorations like jimmies
a surprise for the middle


Melt chocolate over a double boiler or in the microwave. 
Pour into a well oiled bowl. Using a spoon, move the chocolate to cover the entire surface of the bowl including the sides. A lot of the chocolate on the sides will initially drip to the bottom and that’s okay. 
Put in freezer for 10 minutes or until hardened. 
Take out and patch up any holes or thin areas with more melted chocolate. Place in freezer again until completely hardened. 
When ready to decorate, flip bowl gently and carefully pull the chocolate away from the bowl. If it gets stuck, take a warm washcloth and rub it on the outside of the bowl to loosen the chocolate. 
Decorate with toppings of your choice, gluing with frosting then put back in freezer until ready to use. Place surprises on a cake stand and cover with chocolate dome. 
Crack open with a wooden spoon or toy mallet. Surprise!



A HUGE thank you for all the bloggers that participated in this fun blognog holiday series. It’s been so incredible to see all the talent out there. What an inspiring group! To see all the blognog holiday posts this year go here


Wow, I really want to have such cake. That is really surprise cake in which it contains of surprise in it. I love to have it!

Wow, what fun! Must try this surprise sometime! Thank you.

i made one for new years and despite some serious greasing the chocolate wouldn't come out. luckily it came out in four or five peices and i used melted chocolate to "glue" it back together. once that hardened, i heated the back of a spoon over my gas burner and rubbed it along the seams to melt it, then smoothed it all out with my fingers. worked great. here are my photos.thanks for the idea-my kids LOVED it.

Kim, I'm sad it didn't come out for you. What type of bowl did you use? I used a metal bowl and it worked great. I think a metal bowl would work better than plastic or glass.

I tried this last night and it looked great…and would NOT come off the bowl, despite being well oiled. We ended up having to chip it off and eat it over some ice cream. Still good, but I really wanted it to work. Maybe next time.

Looks fab! Adding a rustic clock to your table or on the wall can really add to the new year theme too!

I am making this tomorrow, for a New Year's Eve Party with friends. Thank YOU! 🙂

I'm bookmarking this for my daughter's birthday. She'll love it.

BRILLIANT! This could be really fun too for a baby shower. You could put pink or blue treats inside to surprise your guests. 🙂

OH! Perfect! I need an idea like this for our party. Thanks!

this is so fab. Lots of love from brooklyn.Conan xx

methinks you saved the best for last! i just love melanie's cake. such a fun surprise.. and that table looks gorgeous!thanks for a fun series this holiday.

Awesome. Congrats!Camie (Jensen) Christensen set up a website for our freshman ward. Send me an e-mail at joe (AT) spotd . net and I’ll send you an invite if you are interested.

We are so excited for you guys! He is so cute, looks like Abby has a future boyfriend. We can’t wait to hear more details, congrats! If you need anything gives us a call! Tood & Anna

Congratulations Liz, glad to hear Mom and baby are happy and healthy!

he is soo cute! i can’t believe he came so early. i was planning on being there in the delivery room holding one of your legs. ok, i know that we didn’t discuss that, it was going to be a surprise! we can’t wait to see you guys over the holidays. stella is a little worried that ranger is out of her league now that he’s shown how tough he is. xoxo

I can’t wait to see baby no name!! I have been telling Zachary all about his new friend with no name! He is so excited too! He looks SO cute and I think very Ricks like. I feel like I want to come to Utah RIGHT now to see that sweet little one. I am so excited our boys are less than 2 months apart! How fun for you to have baby for Christmas. LOVES!!

COngrats on the arrival of your awesome son! Happy Holidays!

He was soooooooo cute! Thanks for letting me come share some of his awesomeness!LOVE and CONGRATS!

Just caught word via your sis and had to come say my congrats. He is beautiful and of course in very good hands.Welcome to the world, little man.

im soo jealous that mom got to meet him today!!ahh i love him already!I’m going to be the best aunt ever!

Jared and Liz – you’re awesome, Congrats! And a big loving welcome to the little guy from Great Aunt Robin.

So cute! I was checking your blog every chance I could just waiting for some pictures. We are so excited for you guys.

Ok, so when you make a bikini out of a little girl’s bathing suit we get an immediate picture but when the baby is born it takes two days?!?So so beautiful!! Glad everyone is safe and sound. Love you guys.

since everyone is doing well…LUCKY! i’ve been late 3/3. he’s very cute.

Was he born today or yesterday?If it was yesterday then our kids have the same b-day…just one year apart.

I knew it! I just had a feeling.Congratulations…he’s cute & I want to see him.Good job Liz!!Did you do it natural?

way to toughen him up ralpher, it’s never too early. i think he’s ready for his first steak.

YAHOO for Rangotto! (That’s what we’ve decided to call him–the best of both worlds.) He is so beatiful. We’re so glad you’re doing well, and we can’t wait to meet him!

I think he looks like he has a Stanley mouth and Ricks eyes (?) Maybe name him Rickley? jkI totally don’t know either of you but I know some of your family members, so I hope that doesn’t sound strange….from a ….stranger….once removed.

Jordan told me the news – congrats. I’m so happy that Liz and Baby Stanley are healthy and safe. Let the fun begin!

Uncle Randolph & Aunt Liz, BIG congratulations to YOU! What a darling little guy! (can guys be darling?) How ’bout some stats?

He is sooooooooooooooo cute. too cute to be a newborn.andy says: 2 cute +2 be___________ 4 gotten

wow congratulations! he’s beautiful. And his name????????

Happy early Christmas! Congrats you guys. Liz I’m glad you and the little guy are doing well. Rest up and enjoy!

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