BlogNog: Four Glam New Years Outfits Under $100

First up on our last day of blognog, is super stylish Elaine from the fashion blog Clothed Much sharing with us these four great New Years outfits under $100. Welcome, Elaine!

New Year’s Eve is almost upon us…which also means parties…which means glamorous outfits. But does it?? I consider myself a pretty practical person and I don’t think a party dress is practical…unless you party every day…or are a Kardashian…or both. I came up with four outfits all under $100 to start your New Year right. Plus, they all include items that you’d be able to wear again and not “save” for next year’s party and then you gain weight and can’t wear it anymore, amIright? If a new outfit isn’t in your budget, check out the tips to recreate your own party outfit from what you have.

Classic Minimalist = $84.63
Use what you have:  An all black attire is classic and timeless! Recreate this look by wearing an LBD or a black blouse, black pencil skirt, and black pumps. Add some sparkle and shine by layering bracelets or keep it simple with some stud earrings.

Winter Whites = $91.98

Use what you have:  Recreate this look by wearing winter whites! Pair off-white, beige, cream, ivory, and white and top it off with some gold jewelry.

Nautical Sophisticate = $96.73

Use what you have:  Nothing says HOTNESS like a sleek pair of red shoes. Go for an updated nautical theme with navy and white. Add some gold jewelry to make it less sailor-ish and more elegant.

Fancy Pants = $96.94

Use what you have:  Do you have that one dress that makes you feel like a bombshell? That’s the dress. Slip on your nude shoes to make your legs look longer and hotter and pile on those fancy-schmancy bracelets.

So which of these outfits would you wear on New Year’s Eve?


Man, I can't believe everything is sold out already. I guess I'm so awesome I picked out the items that were HOT.

Leslie, if you click on the images it'll take you to the site 🙂

I love that knee-length chiffon skirt! Is there a source for it?

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