Must Do in New York: MarionetteTheatre in Central Park

There’s a sweet little 150 yr. old Swedish cottage tucked away in Central Park where they perform Marionette Puppets shows for kids during the day. It’s the most adorable thing little place and Hank looooved the puppet show. Info about it here. It was my favorite thing Hank and I did together in the city.

(photo and photo)


I LOVE this and can't wait to go when I move to NY this summer. I have two girls and would love you to post more "must do's" I loved the ones you have, but I am sure you have many more hidden secrets from that incredible city!

I have only been to new york once and I saw this when we walked through the park, I loved it and wondered what it was for!

Wow, this brings back childhood memories of a similar place near my home. Dusty benches at the puppet show ampitheatre, crackly cartoon voices over the old sound system. People don't appreciate a good puppet show like they used to!

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