DIY: Owl Cap

Henry’s fascination with owls has been ongoing for a few months now so his Halloween costume choice was an obvious one, with his stipulation that the owl needed to be a ‘surprised owl’, not a scary owl

 His owl wings were made simply with two pieces of felt and ribbon. Instructions here on Momtastic.

I sewed/hot glued (some of the stitches didn’t keep) cut feathers onto a plain gray tee and paired it with some gray skinnies.

Okay, here’s the owl cap process:

I used a baby pilot cap based my pattern off of it. Obviously I adjusted the size a bit and made the front stick out a little more.

Sewed the three pieces together, matching the pointed ends together

Added some ribbon for the tie

And hot glued some owl features on. There are adjustments I would make if I were to do it again but I’m happy with how it turned out. I love working with felt. Not having to hem makes everything so EASY! Too bad all of our clothing can’t be made from felt.


How adorable is that. I'm banking this idea for next year.

Amazing! You did a brilliant job, and what a cutie your Henry is.

What a genius little costume! I love homemade Halloweens.

Great job! My mom used to make all of my Halloween costumes too! Now if only the owl that I tried to carve into my pumpkin turned out as well…

had to stop by and see what this blog was about. I was intrigued with the name, since I have 2 dear friends that live in Hoboken. Adorable costume 🙂

It's so great to see a costume being made in house…I hate those store bought outfits.Really nice job. He will always remember that you made his costume and made this holiday so special.

oh baby hank! you're so cute in that surprised owl costume!

I love his obsession with owls and this darling costume! So so cute!

what an adorable owl! i really wish I was a creative mom. 🙂

For such an easy project, it sure looks cute and professional! Lucky Hank, he has one awesome mama. 🙂

That's a great costume Liz. And everytime I see a picture of Henry I think "he is definitely a little Liz." So Cute.

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