Things I Didn’t Know…

Helping with a party this past weekend I realized that I don’t really know how to set a fancy table properly. Then I stumbled upon this great photo reference which just solidified my suspicions. Problem: I think if I set my dinner party setting properly I’d run out of knives and forks after about two settings.


i'm with becky, I always learned you work from the outside in

i need to print this out so i can start acting like a 'grown up.' i have no idea how to properly set a table. eek!

I love the design of this diagram! I teach English as a Second Language and have taught place settings a lot. This one actually seems different than most. Most of the time you work from the outside in. For example, the salad fork would be on the outside. Here is another diagram to check out:'m sure your table will look lovely any way that you organize it!

When I was teaching my kids how to set the table, I pulled out the book Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson–it has diagrams, too. My son didn't trust my knowledge, so I had to find expert back up!

Hee hee I'd run out of forks and knives (and table space) after two seetings too.

They taught us that when I was a kid and I have forgotten the whole layout. My husband knows it but we never throw that kind of parties so we are good. Love this though, and wish I could host posh parties and wear fancy dresses.

Thank goodness for casual entertaining, I don't even have the drawer space for all those utensils (that and I don't even own seafood forks!)

That's a lot of stuff! I bet that's more than some college students have in their entire pantry.

That is so funny cause we had people over for dinner on Sat. and I looked up table setting etiquette.

wow! what a great idea. I'll be bookmarking this for sure.

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