DIY Ideas with Mason Jars

I have a bunch of mason jars hanging around from canning peaches and tomatoes. They’re so classic and there are so many fun diy ideas for uses beyond canning. Here are some things I’ve been bookmarking to do:

Bake mini pies

Make a floral arrangement (Check! I made some for the garden party a couple weeks ago!)

Spray paint them neon colors

Fill ’em up with soup and embroider the lids for gifts

Make casual lighting

Any other project ideas with mason jars you can think of?


Adorable ways to re-use those mason jars from your wedding!

how I love mason jars! the cake is adorable and so are the herbs. We are using a large one to grow some microgreens!

I LOVE this whole post. And I was looking for something to do with lighting in my sister's home! The mason jars are perfect!!

We just made mini desserts in ours last night for a football game tonight. Love the pie idea.

cute ideas!ps. Each of my kids has been born in a different state and I have a license plate for each. I was wondering if you had your old license plate from where Hank was born and maybe throw together an awesome DIY project for his room using it so I could copy it for my kids. ;-)I actually thought about somehow putting it on a smooth piece of wood and having a hook or two below for them to hang a cape or backpack or hat on.Jordan is right- you make things happen and just do it! I always have ideas I fall inlove with, but have trouble getting projects organized and going.

I put my empty mason jars in the kitchen cupboard until there are a bunch of them to take downstairs together. I often find my husband using them as glasses. . . he swears Coke tastes better out of mason jars.

Lindsay, that is SO COOL. I definitely want to try that!

I bake cupcakes in jars and mail them to my far-away friends. I just put the icing on while they're still pretty warm and then immediately screw the lid on. As the cupcakes cool they seal themselves.

I cakes in those little mason jars for Christmas a couple of years ago. Those little pies are pretty cute too. They look so good. I'm really a pie person myself anyway. So many cute ideas.

Just found your blog-It's lovely! Just wanted to let you know!

jar cakes are also super fun! Plus you can mail them, which is just awesome!

As Caroline said in an comment above – I use them to take along coffee when I leave home, they often come in the perfect size, so it is not that bad if you have to leave the jar somewhere. I have even knitted a cosy for them so not to burn my hand.

I can't even tell you how excited I am to have one of our recipes on your blog–I'm totally smitten with you. In a completely non-creepy, non-stalkerish way. 🙂

I use them as my go to cups!!! I love drinking fresh tea out of them, coffee really everything!! Love the first idea and putting little pies in them!! Delicious!

love it all!! i'm going to be book marking this to do with all my mason jars! thanks!

I really like the idea to plant herbs in them. They look so simple and pretty!

so many possibilities, but along the same lines as the mini-pies…ever tried cake in a jar? super cute.

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