BlogNog: DIY Bat Doormat

Next today we have a fun DIY Halloween post from the always talented Susan of Freshly Picked

A bat doormat!

Supplies needed:

Outdoor Rug
Paper with your stencil drawn in
Masking Tape

Spray Paint
Start by covering the back of your stencil with masking tape.  This will allow for the paper to hold up underneath the spray of the spray paint.

Cut out your stencil + place it on your mat.  Cover the general area where you are going to spray.

Spray your stencil.

Remove + enjoy!

Happy Halloween!


That's such a simple project! Looks fabulously festive. This can work for all sorts of shapes. Thanks for sharing!

That's a really cute idea!!! A nice subtle touch of halloween. Most of the ones at the stores are COVERED in halloween items. I love your idea!!!

so adorable!much better than finding a real live bat on your floor! (yes, that has happened to me.) I think I will need to do one of these for my house:)xxcallie

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