Mighty Summit Report

Still have the warm fuzzies from spending last weekend with the most inspiring, driven, supportive and entertaining ladies at Mighty Summit.

(photo by Maggie)

Every detail, every little party, every plan was so thoughtful and well executed. We were showered with wonderful gifts from incredible sponsors. Everyone was so amazing, it was a little intimidating. My adorable roommate, Mena, has spoken at TED talks and been on the cover of Fortune, plus she-no big deal- makes a new dress a week! Yeah. It was like that. FYI I made my bed everyday last week and successfully DVRed It’s Always Sunny and Project Runway simultaneously. So there’s that.

Anyway, here are some highlights: Campfire the first night- s’mores kits, and the perfect marshmallow roasting branch, personalized with our names on little leather luggage tags.(photo by Zan)
Wine tasting (er-sniffing for us non drinkers) all day in such a gorgeous setting in the vineyards
(photo by amber)
Fiesta Party complete with a taco truck!

(photos by Zan)
Lunch in a wine cave-did NOT know these things even existed. 
(photo by Zan)

Everyone talked about their life lists and things got a little emotional
(photo by Maggie)

And I know you all want to see what I wore, right?

Vintage party dress, $35 Etsy, yellow rose belt $15 J.Crew clearance, paper hats were handed out to everyone at the fiesta party
(photo by Zan)
{Why are my lips so messed up? I’m a horrible poser}
H&M skirt $25, H&M shirt $15, sun hat $25
(photo by Zan)

Loft dress $22 on clearance (awesome find), gold belt $5 Forever 21, Loft Necklace $4 on clearance.

(photo by Allison)
Spas, parties, swag and more swag, walks through the Redwoods, late night heart to hearts in the hot tub. It was an incredible weekend! Big THANKS to Maggie, Laura, and Helen Jane for putting it on, and of course all the incredible sponsors


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