Mighty Summit

I’m super excited to be included in the Mighty Summit retreat this coming weekend (woo hoo!) with some fabulous bloggers at Boon hotel and spa up in Wine Country. I feel so lucky to be invited, but we did have some homework. All of us that are attending are showing up armed with our Mightly Lists– a grand list of things we wish to accomplish in this lifetime. I’ve been thinking about my list a lot and here are a few bits from it:

Braid a crown braid on myself
Live in a home with a large front porch and many mature fruit trees
Ready one non fiction book a month for a year
Kayak the boundary waters between Minnesota and Canada
Throw a garden party
Eat at Thomas Keller’s French Laundry
Live with my family in a foreign country
Volunteer at an orphanage in a third world country
Learn the names of 50 flowers
Eat a pain au chocolat at La Duree in Paris
Have dinner with Paul Farmer
Sew a full dress I would wear out on a special occasion
Learn to cut Henry’s hair myself
Attend TED talks
Kayak through Glacier Bay in Alaska
Learn to bake 10 new kind of breads
Own a land cruiser from the late 80s
Bike from San Francisco to Oregon along Highway 1

Has anyone done any of these things? It’s been really fun to sit down and really think through some fun life goals. Have you ever made a list like this before?


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