Home From Mighty Summit

Just home from Mighty Summit. Oh boy. What an incredible weekend spent with really inspiring and ambitious women. Maggie, Laura and Helen Jane are truly rock stars to organize such an amazing retreat with loads of super generous sponsors and thoughtful gifts at every turn. I am well on my way to completing some fun things on my life list thanks to all the inspiration and support. I’ll have a full report later this week but just wanted to pop in to say Happy Monday!


Great list! It was fun to see that I've done a couple things on it! My family and I lived in Ireland for a year, great experience! (and living in Ireland enabled us to go to Paris). 🙂 I bet you'll do all of these things, Liz!

Oh Boundary Waters sounds fun! My brothers have all done it. I have lived in 2 foreign countries with my family (I even birthed a baby in Paris), eaten pain au chocolate (now I need to learn how to make it), and I can cut my husband's hair. This makes me want to revamp my list. Thanks.

my boss and his wife kayak glacier bay every year. they did it once and have been going back for 15 years thereafter. so, when you do it, get ready to want to do it again.

such a good idea liz and i really like your list. so…i have canoed boundary waters, lived in a foreign country (missing the family part though:( worked at an orphange and eaten dinner with paul farmer. what i need to do next though is…bike from san fran to oregon…let's do it together!! love keeping up with you through your blog at least. miss you and good luck with the list 🙂

I love your list!! I also have a list, but when I got to thinking about my never-ending list LIFETIME goals I go so overwhelmed! So I decided to simplify and focus on the next few years instead. I made a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days – you can check it out here!:vhttp://mrslemons.wordpress.com/1011001-2/

What a list! love it, very creative. I need to sit down and actually write mine.

sounds like it's going to be a wonderful weekend. love your list 🙂

Love your list! LaDuree is wonderful. I had always dreamed of eating Macaroons there. I got to a few years back. Totally worth the trip!

what a lovely list! every year I make a list of things I want to accomplish before my next birthday – I think inspired by your sister in law? I cant remember now.

I would love to canoe the Boundary Waters, good item, I think i'll add this one to my own!

I keep a list too although some of it is a bit unrealistic.On your list: I do cut my kids' hair. Not too hard especially as they get older.

I actually just started one a few weeks ago. After a tough summer, and a looming 30th birthday, I felt like I needed a life is awesome intervention! It totally helped.

wow. your list is impressive. mine says things like "stop biting cuticles" and "keep backup shampoo in bathroom"sigh.

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