DIY: Whale Tee Freezer Stencil Shirt

I made a whale tee this weekend for Hank using a freezer stencil technique (my instructions for making one here). I think this one might be my favorite so far.
It was a really simple shape, took only about 5 minutes to cut out. I really want to do another golden gate bridge one, but all that cutting! That one took at least 45 minutes to cut out. Simple shapes are the way to go I’ve decided. FYI H&M has tees for toddlers for only $4 in great colors. I might have to go back and get more.


I would love do make this for my grandson and I need ideas for my grand daughter. I have red t shirts ❤❤❤❤

How sweet! I love how cute and simple it looks, and the whale you did is just adorable! I might have to give this one a try…I just wanted to give you a quick heads up. I know it's not at all exciting, as I'm a brand new blogger and all, but I wanted to let you know I've linked you from my new blog! I just love everything you put on here; all the projects are adorable, the links fantastic, the pictures lovely, and the looks into your life are as sweet as can be. Please let me know if you'd like me to unlink you, though. Also, I'll probably be posting about a project I found somewhere on your site at one point… it was the one where you melted crayon pieces to make big "tie dye crayons". I'm giving them out as Christmas presents this year (shhh, don't tell!) and they turned out beautifully. I'll be sure to credit you and link back here!

genius! thanks for the DIY links for the photos, too. love the obama one.

I love all these freezer paper stencil shirts I keep seeing, and your whale is super cute. I think my four year old would love it! I might try one, I could cut out a design with my cricut, so it would be super fast. You've convinced me – now I just need to go buy some plain tshirts!

I love it. I mean, who doesn't love a t-shirt?

what a great image. i love these freezer stencil shirts you make

I'm taking my kiddo to the Monterey Bay Aquarium next week and have been wanting to make him a special shirt– this would be perfect! Where did you find that graphic? (You probably free-handed it… 🙂

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