DIY: BlogHer Gala Skirt

This is the skirt I made for the Kirtsy Gala/Art Exhibit I helped put on at BlogHer (which turned out awesome by the way-although I ended up wearing the skirt a different night. I’ll have more details of the event when I find some photos). Same process as the last gathered skirt although the fabric makes it look pretty different.
I really liked the fabric for this one (a great find from my local fabric store). It’s kind of the perfect texture for a gathered summer skirt. Such of fan of this style of skirt right now. Plus I scored that pretty pink necklace from my local J.Crew for $7!


Striped skirts are so lovely and you're looks to be especially twirl-worthy which makes it very happy.

Looks great! I have had fabric that I picked out specifically for a skirt sitting on my worktable for so much longer than I'd like to admit. Every time you post another skirt I feel a little silly that I haven't just done something with it already.

That's the skirt I met you in at the Martha party! I love it!!!

Adorable! Might be my favorite (although that pink bow skirt is tdf too)

um yes. I love it. A million shades of awesome you are.

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