BlogHer Art Auction

Woo hoo! The first section of the BlogHer Art Auction is up today! Go here. The auction for these art pieces in the Life category will last for 10 days and then a new batch will be up next week. This will continue for four weeks so you’ll have to move fast and bid on one if you’re interested in it. All proceeds will go to help Gulf cleanup via the Nature Conservancy . All of the works of art were based off the Voices of the Year nominated posts here. It was such a great collaboration. Kind of genius-right?

While I’m at it, here are some fun pictures from BlogHer via the fabulous photographer, Justin Hackworth
body art

Photobooth pictures. These were taken in black and white instant film, but I can’t find the ones I have! Here are all of us that were involved in putting together this fun event.Typewriter poets. You walk up, give them a sentence or two about yourself and they create a little poem.

I love this image (from my phone) of my mom having a poem written about her by the one and only Jenny, The Bloggess.

More pictures from BlogHer by Justin here on his blog

Be sure to check out the auction items for this week!


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