The Grand Experiment

Let me preface this by saying I really had nothing to do with this bridal shower party. The concept, execution, etc. Nothing. It was merely held at our home so I took some photos. It was a series of very scientific experiments in taste testing fashion. Lab coats (borrowed from a pharmacist) and clipboards were given out for people to record their findings and then after we had a vote and revealed what brands were the favorite. (Aren’t those beakers pretty with flowers?)
In most of the experiments there was at least one grocery store brand and one super fancy brand. Plus something else in the middle.The ice creams had dry ice at the bottom to reduce melting. Plus they bubbled up at the top, breaking bad style.One of these bacons was home cured!I loved the rootbeer in the plastic bags. The whole party was a lot of fun. Plus I learned a lot. Turns out Safeway brand honey is way better than the fancy stuff; and I have a new found addiction to Ben and Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream.


Emily is such a genius. She gives the best parties and is the perfect hostess!

This is an absolutely fantastic party idea! The lab coats and beakers were the perfect touch.

This sounds so fun, and any mint choc. chip is a good one to me! 🙂

i want to come play with you and go to parties! looks so fun. by the way…if i ever get married, can you please be my party planner?!

genius idea!! I love fun little touches that make you remember… thinking outside of the box! love it.

That is THE CUTEST thing I have ever seen! I want to plan one of these parties for fun!

kathy, they borrowed the lab coats from pharmacist, i'm not sure where the beakers were from

So much fun! where on earth did someone get those lap coats and did everyone bring something? I want to copy this

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