GIGANTIC Baby Hank Vintage Sale

I’m having a gigantic sale over at my Baby Hank Vintage shop, everything is 40-50% off.
Plus if you buy four or more items, your shipping gets reimbursed (domestic orders only). Yeah!

Part of me is thinking this is a closing sale. I have a lot of projects and freelance jobs I’ve been doing and am starting to feel like it’s time to move on from being a shopkeeper. But, then there’s part of me that just wants to take a little hiatus (I’m no good at goodbyes). Either way, I’m practically giving everything away in the shop now so check out all the adorable clothing.


everything in your shop is so cute! Too bad I don't have a little one to buy things for… and my pets don't appreciate being dressed up 🙂

sad! i totally know how it goes but hope you'll open again 🙂

This is sad news! I know where you are coming from though. On top of being a mommy it gets harder to juggle everything!!Going to check out the sale! Have some baby gifts to get!

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