DIY: Super Simple Baby Blanket

My latest DIY post is up on Momtastic with step by step instructions on sewing a really simple baby blanket with fake mitered corners. Seriously all it takes is folding over fabric, pinning and sewing a straight line. I promise you can do it. Full instructions with photos here. I’ve used this new cheating technique on several blankets. Look how cute my niece June looks in hers.

FYI: Here’s the fabric link


Liz, I am working on this blanket and everything was smooth sailing up until the sewing. I am re-learning my sewing skills and I can't remember how to make the foot less tense on the fabric and the fabric getting stuck because its to much fabric. Can you let me know what you did? is my email

Sheesh, now you've given away how simple my baby gifts are . . . .Love the fabric!

My new babe, Augie, was the lucky recipient of that beautiful yellow blanket. Now I'll have to try my hand at the pattern.

I get compliments on the blanket every time I use it. Thank you Auntie Liz!

I just added the link to the fabric at the bottom of the post, fyi!the basket and blocks were from a vintage shop in Salt Lake. Abode I think.

Where did you find such adorable pennant banner fabric?That's so easy, but it looks amazing! Aren't those the best projects!?

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