There is a similar game that you can build yourself on a web site called You upload your pictures and choose fonts and colors, and the site does all of the work to create cards with your personalized text and photos.But it's not just for printing your custom memory game — anyone can also play the game online. There are cute sound effects, and you can add a specific message that pops up with each match. My young daughter loves to play the games and find the photos of her friends and family members.

so neat. my son loves memory games. This is a very cute one.

My mom made one of these for my daughter for her 3rd birthday. So cute and clever! She loves it so much more than her actual memory game.

This is darling! We taught the 4 yr old to play memory and by the second night she was whipping us every time and her dad and I were left staring at each other in awe and feeling old & feeble-minded.I kept reminding her dad that her brain is not full of appointments, bills, lists, chores, etc. It was a bit depressing. LOL.

this is so cute, plus i'm recognizing some of those photos from your book for hank!

I can't wait to check out the DIY! Such a great idea, thanks for sharing!

this is totally bringing me back to my childhood. i loved that game

What a great idea, my daughter would love this. Are some of those photos from your words book? (Can you tell I'm kind of a stalker?)

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