Wardrobe Updating for Hank

I’ve been working on a few simple sewing projects to update Hank’s struggling wardrobe. Unfortunately, toddler boy clothes seem to be a far second thought to the girl clothes at the stores I shop at. So I had to take matters into my own hands:
I skinnified his wide leg jeans (tutorial here, mocs from here)I skinnified all of his tees (why do they think 2 yr old boys are shaped like a box??). I had to take in a whole inch on each side to make most of them fit well plus half an inch on each arm, and he’s pretty average shaped I would say-maybe even on the big side.
Embellishing a couple of his plain tees with simple animal shapes using heat n’ bond (the iron on adhesive backed stuff). Then sewed with contrasting thread to reinforce. I was getting sick of all of his plain tees and anything to avoid those character themed shirts you see everywhere. He’s been loving animals lately so it seemed like an easy choice.


I can't believe the shallowness involved in being concerned about fashion and style for a toddler. It's hilarious that one is so concerned about it. Who cares!

you're amazing, per usual. i hope i can be a mom like you!

Boys clothes are the worst. I find the "surf" brands to have the slimmest fit shirts but they can be expensive if you can't find them at TJ maxx or have a connection like we do! I also find that the cheapest, Cherokee jeans from Target have a slimmer fit than most but they are hard to find in the summer months. I hate anything with animals or characters on it. My rule is, you can wear those kinds of things to bed but nowhere else!

I don't get the square shirts either. Do you think you post a tutorial on how to skinnify t-shirts? And could you make it really basic so a non-sewer like me can figure it out? I would love to fix some for my kids and some for me.

These are fantastic! I have a two year old son and have decided to take up sewing for this exact reason! I never realized how little selection there was when it came to boy clothes. Thanks for the inspiration!

LIZ!! You are a genius. I just did summer shopping for my 2.5 yr old boy and was uber frustrated; I was able to find some OK tees (read: no Cars, Buzzes, Thomas, or space aliens. hooray!), but, as you say, they are shaped like a box. NOW I know how to fix them. Thank you, thank you. And fabulous idea w/the animals, too. I know what I'll be doing this weekend:) I do love reading your blog (and your sisters-in-laws' as well). Thanks for being such an awesome family.(And those mocs are totally rad.) Also, I have a sister down in palo alto, should you ever need a contact down there, just shoot me a line). Cheers!

i have to know.. where did the little moccasin shoes come from? i love them!

very cute. those ideas would do wonders for my son's waredrobe!

I love all three ideas. Kids should not be a walking advertisement for t.v. shows. Totally love that elephant!

Love the elephant tee. Now that it's 4:20 you're inspiring me that I have a kid-related sewing project to get done today. 🙂

such adorable ideas! i agree about the kids box shapes- i don't get it! everything is short and wide (in girls clothes too) i wish i had your sewing skills!

jessica, those look great. I'll have to check them out. Thanks 🙂

Ugh, boxy boy tee shirt are my biggest gripe when shopping for Jude. I really like the quality and styling of Gap's boy clothes (non-goofy, non-sports-or-goofy slogan-obsessed) but then I checked out the Crewcuts line and was impressed not only with the different textures of their tees, but also the length and slimness. Pricier, certainly, but maybe if I keep up with the sales section I'll find good stuff.And I'm really struggling right now against all the Toy Story character tees, too, like the commenter above said!

Cute! I love the tee. I wish I knew how to sew even a little, haha.

seriously annoying, the girl / boy clothes ratio. it's comical, almost to walk into somewhere like gap, and see how the girl section dwarfs the boys. and since my 19 month old is a shrimp and fits into 6-12 mth clothes, it's even harder to find him something that doesn't have winnie the pooh on it. love the idea of just fixing the shirts i can find though, now i just need a sewing machine…and lessons. 🙂

Great work, Liz! It's good to learn that it's OK to alter a pair of jeans or t-shirt and they won't look weird as a result. Thanks 🙂

thanks for sharing this liz! we mama's of boys have to help eachother out! i have a 3 year old little dude and i am often frustrated with the lack of selection for boys compared to girls. and you're right- everything is SO wide!! it drives me crazy! just a few helpful tips, i know a lot of moms who actually buy girls skinny jeans for their boys- i just picked up this pair at gap and they are completely gender neutral. in fact i thought they were boy's jeans at first! http://www.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=57011&vid=&pid=762972&scid=762972002also, i looooove the basic t's at H&M. they are much more narrow than other brands, they're affordable and super soft. plus, they last fooorever!! zara also has very similar t's and they usually have tons of great colors too. =)

Cute ideas; there really are a lot of bad kids clothes out there. Also, I would love to know what your favorite kids books are.

I'm so frustrated with boys clothes too. Enough of the toy story character tees! Nice work on your updates!

Great ideas, and that iron on elephant is too cute. I buy a lot of my little girl's clothes from the boys section (she only prefers "cool" clothes) and I'm always frustrated at how wide everything is. I'll have to try my hand at taking them in a bit. Is it hard?

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