Sally Mann

When I was in grad school I sneaked in a couple photo classes (the ‘real’ kind where you shoot film and then develop it) for electives. Then I talked my way into becoming a TA so Jared (we were dating at the time) and I could make out I mean work in the darkroom whenever we wanted. My degree was in counseling, nothing to do with photo, but I was really needing a creative outlet with all the studying. I took a bunch of photos of my two younger sisters during this:
Anyway, Jared who had been really into photography, saw them and thought I might like the work of Sally Mann so he bought me Immediate Family and I’ve been a huge fan ever since, especially the early work:
Mostly images of her children, black and white, in and around their rural Virginia home. Often nude and mimicking adult activities.

It feels weird to have them on the same post as my old photos, her work is amazing. Controversial at times, but that only makes me love her more. They’re really inspiring to me. What do you think of her work? Are you a Sally Mann fan?


i love your photos im worndering how to take them? ive been trying for weeks to take shots like sally's or your own photos with that dark feel and the strong contrast of shadow and light i just love it but everything i do turns out wrong so if you wouldn't mind helping me please and thank you

Liz – You're right – your photos are a lot like her work – I think you would love the documentary about her – if you have netflix you should check it out (I'm watching it tonight, coincidentally!)

We still have some of the great photos you took of Ralph during your photography classes. We love them.Glad to know about Sally Mann. Tell Jared he should start a blog.

Love these pics, Liz – yours and Sally's. Great style.

love the photos, but not too keen on remembering my ugly days.

yes, a fan… and your work is great too.

but of course! always have been. i think your photos have a similar style. and without even seeing her work. incredible

I've never heard of Sally Mann.But I love that last picture! Such attitude in that girl!

I'd love to see more of your photos, these are so great

I have loved her work since my photography teacher showed me- way back in high school. I own Immediate Family as well, and often find it inspiring. The warmth of her images is what draws me in the most. Definitely one of my favorite portrait/ film photographers. 🙂 Your photographs are beautiful, and carry a similar warmth.

I love Sally Mann's work, I studied her during my art history days. I always thought it was crazy people thought she was controversial for photographing her children, her work is amazing!

Love Sally Mann– I was actually just thinking about her work over the weekend. The photographer/subject relationship is so interesting to me, so intense. I was wondering how her children feel now that they are older? Anyways, thanks for the stimulating post!

her photos are amazing but i'm mostly intrigued by their lifestyle.

Your photos are beautiful. Very raw, but still soft. I think that's what lacking (but I am NO expert here) in Sally Mann's for me. I'm just not seeing the the softness I like when picturing children. I do see a wonderful artistic quality, although she's a bit too dark for my taste.

Yes I am a fan. She was featured in an art doc. that I saw on an instant netflix a few months ago. I'll try to find out which one and tell you how to find it. Amazing woman.

LOVE your photos, Liz!! And the book looks really interesting too. Beautiful.

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