Japanese Dress Books

Of course Japanese dress books are beautiful. Why should they be any different that other Japanese craft books? This is serious motivation for me to improve my sewing. Of course they’re in Japanese, but apparently the diagrams aren’t too hard to follow, if you already know the basic process for clothing construction.
Isn’t the styling pretty?You can find them on etsy here and here. I’m going to check the craft section of a couple bookstores in Japantown here too.{photos from Make Something’s collection of Japanese dress books}


the navy dress on the bottom is very cool! well they are all cool!

yes, I've heard the same thing and have been wanting to get some of my own! you've pushed me to get one too!! thanks!

I bought a japanese knit/crochet book once because it was soo beautiful, and I loved all the photos. I flip through it when I get too jaded about how old lady crafts are in the U.S.

I've seen these for so long and I haven't ever been able to get my hands on one without ordering it over the internet.But you've inspired me. I'm doing it!

I am loving all the dress styles. I need about 5 of these pronto.

I love these! I really want to make some dresses for my daughter now 🙂

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