Homemade Ice Cream

Even though it’s 55 degrees and foggy here, it still feels like homemade ice cream season. My favorites are chocolate hazelnut (made with nutella of course) and fresh mint chocolate chip. I really want to try this coconut ice cream with roasted (roasted?!?) cherries pictured above or a fresh blackberry custard. Oh man, I’m drooling just thinking about these. Do you have a favorite homemade ice cream recipe to share?


Reading about how cool it is in SF is making me SO excited – my fiance and I are traveling there for a week for our honeymoon. And here in St. Louis we almost daily have a heat index of 110 degrees. Also that ice cream looks ah-mazing.

We've already been making it like crazy this year, and then our ice cream maker died, right in the middle of a batch yesterday. Grrrr. Luckily we live close enough to my parents that we could run over there and snag theirs to finish it up. We just make a trusty creamy vanilla recipe (using the mexican vanilla from our recent trip there) and then add a different mix-in each time. I'm tempted to try the nutella one. Yum!!

I am dying to try lavendar ice cream (recipe from Fresh Home Magazine). It sounds so good. I will definitely give it a try this summer (and posted on the blog).Elenahttp://planandplay1.blogspot.com/

I have my eye on a butterscotch recipe I saw on smitten kitchen. Doesn't Jared love butterscotch too? I'm making ice cream for dinner group next week. I'm thinking a yummy vanilla ice cream (I want to try out my vanilla beans from vacation) but with great sprinkles in homemade ice cream cones.

Liz! How can I thank you for showing me a nutella ice cream recipe. And roasted cherries? We will be having ice cream tonight.

I made fresh Black raspberry Ice cream last week and peanut butter ice cream this week. Both are amazzzzzing.

I'm definitely making the nutella recipe. I made a chocolate coconut sorbet last summer that I loved.

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