Handmade Matching Bowtie and Tie

This was their outfit to church on Father’s day. I made the bowtie and adult tie in matching red and white striped fabric (tie tutorial here). Never mind that Hank lasted only 15 minutes at church. Why do I even bother to make him cute things and dress him at all? Geez. And maybe if I hadn’t spent all night getting sucked into the first season of Friday Night Lights I’d have this toddler bowtie tutorial ready to share. Really all I can think about is what Jason Street is going to when he finds out about his girlfriend and best friend. Oooooohh!


oohh…this makes me want to go rewatch FNL…oh how I love that Tim Riggins!

ooh — so precious. And I'm very jealous that you have all of FNL ahead of you!

Love the bow ties and tie. I have two little boys that love bow ties…how cute to make matching ones for dad and boys. FNL…best show on TV. I have watched since the beginning…I really hope they bring it back:) You should do a fab post about it…maybe they will!

how fun to pick whatever fabric you want to make ties and bowties out of. i need to learn how to sew!

charlotte, yes actually i did wear it with my bow pencil skirt! Tiffany, the interfacing worked ok. the interfacing i had was a lot stiffer than what the recommend which made it annoying to turn inside out but it turned out fine

I made ties for my hubby and little guy too! I started using that tutorial, then just ended up using an old tie as a pattern instead because I was nervous about the interfacing and I used silk. Then I used the old tie's interfacing. Did the sew-in interfacing work? They look really nice.

So cute! I love the stripes.And I am so glad that you are watching Friday Night Lights. I think when I recommend it to people they question my taste (a show about Texas high school football, really?) My husband and I watched all of the seasons in a ridiculously fast amount of time.

perfect! and did you wear it with your pencil bow skirt? how adorable would your family look!

we just got sucked into FNL too… last night we watched episodes 8 & 9 of the first season. I figure it's a good time to watch. summer TV is no good anyway!

Adorable…though I have to confess, I think I have purchased a total of 4 button down, collared shirts for my 3 year old in his life. Even for church, I usually put him in a tee. I know…it's sad. I just feel awful making him get all dressed up!Best,Tina

Michelle, I found it at joannes randomly. It was like $4 a yard

so cute! Also, FNL is one of the best shows ever. it is so well done and the character and story development is wonderful. and while Jason Street is cute, i can see why Lyla loves her some Tim Riggins. 🙂

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