DIY: Faux Sheepskin Cloud Rug

Stepping onto a fluffy soft cloud in the morning? (As opposed to laptops, cords, or toys?) That sounds like a much better way start the day. I love this DIY idea so much over at a lovely new-to-me blog, life flix, that I might just have to give it a go myself. Plus the fabric store I like here has a ton of crazy faux sheepskin like this stuff. I’m picturing a fluffy white but I might come back with something wild. Consider yourself warned. See the full instructions here.{seen via Ish and Chi}


What a cute idea! I'm thinking about making these in white for my guest bathroom.

I was just thinking I needed something soft and cloud like to step on. You read my mind!

Wow I love it. You're right about starting the day off right this way!

How cute is this! It reminds me of when we've stayed at the Westin before w/ our little one and they brought us a Heavenly Crib with a little cloud rug to put in front of it. Too sweet.

So funny! I was just thinking that it is like an obstacle course when we get up in the morning. Love the clouds.

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