Cooking Club: Ina Garten + Highly Scientific Experiments

This week I hosted cooking club at our new flat with the theme being recipes from Ina Garten. I always get a lot of questions about how our cooking club works so here is a little rundown: There are six of us. We each take turns hosting. When we host we come up with the theme and prepare the main dish. The others are assigned general courses (appetizer, side dish, dessert, drinks, etc). Sometimes it’s casual, sometimes it’s more formal. It’s whatever the host feels like doing.
I made Ina Garten’s short ribs. Verdict: Delicious! Adding it to my ‘meals to impress company’ category. The beef just fell off the bone it was so tender. Other great dishes: Melon wrapped in Prosciutto, garlic sauteed spinach, parmesan and thyme crackers.
For dessert we did something different. We had a chocolate chip cookie taste test with our favorite recipes (due to a ongoing debate on this topic). I printed out little cards for each entry and we took very scientific notes on our favorites. Turns out, above anything else, freshness (i.e. warm out of the oven) was paramount. So the results were somewhat inconclusive. Several followup experiments might be needed.
Having space to actually entertain was so much fun. I’m thinking we will definitely do it more often now.


Sounds like so much fun! I used to have issues with Ina until I made some of her recipes and ,yup, they are really delicious!

lovely little things: there are six of us. we each take turns hosting it. when we host it we are in charge of the main course and coming up with a theme. everyone else is given general assignments (appetizer, side, dessert, etc)

Jess, it's just a folding table moved from me work/ sunroom. But perhaps if we entertain enough Ill have to get an actual dining room table

this looks so lovely! what kind of table do you have? It looks perfect for entertaining. I'm on the look out for one.

It all sounds perfect/divine! Your new home looks amazing, can't wait to see more!

A cookie taste test sounds like a brilliant idea.

What fun, a cooking club? How does it work exactly, do you rotate who hosts/what you make?

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