Bias Tape Lampshade

Never underestimate the power of a little bias tape hot glued onto your otherwise meh lampshade. It literally took five minutes.
FYI Pretty genie lamps purchased at Home Goods for $40. I spent quite some time looking online and Home Goods by far had the best selection and prices.
Any fun weekend plans? I’m hitting up the discount fabric store for more sewing projects and to Anne Taylor Loft for a little shopping spree and review of their new line (stay tuned for the full report here next week!).
Also, Jordan is hosting a not to be missed yard sale at their studio in the Mission. If you’re in the Bay Area I can promise you there are going to be some incredible finds.
If you’re in Utah be sure to check out the fabulous bijou maket. I only wish I was able to attend and check out all these talented vendors selling their handmade goods.


I just found your blog – and love it! Really love all the DIY ideas and links – so much to do, so little time!

your bedroom looks adorable, when are we going to see more pics?

charlotte, the campaign side tables are from craigslist. great find, huh!

What a lovely bedside table and lamp. Where did you find the table?

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