Lost Coast Backpacking Trip Report

We started the hike up high in the Kings Range. Hank was great, he loves the pack.
My favorite part down was through the eerie low clouds above (very Twilight-esque)
The Lost Coast comes into view. Because of the steepness of the mountain range there are no roads accessing the beach for 20 miles along the coast. The only way to get in is to hike. Love the remoteness of it.

Black sand and lots of rocks. Hank was perfectly entertained throwing rocks all afternoon while we rested and set up camp.
Here’s where we set up camp, up on a small ridge

Made a fire, cooked some pasta and went to bed early (we watched a little movie on the iphone to get Hank to fall asleep-that’s our trick with him when we camp).
The hike back the next day was much more difficult since we had to climb back up the mountain. We took note of milestones on the way down so we set goals and knew exactly how much we had left to go. Also, did I mention the tick infestation? Yikes. It was a great trip though.


I am SO glad I came across your site, my husband and I are going to hike the Lost Coast this week with our 19 month old (along with a friend and her dog), and I'm kinda nervous. We've car camped with baby a few times, and did a one night backpack last year, but nothing this big. My brother is able to pick us up at Shelter Cove, so we're planning on doing the whole 25 miles. Seeing pics of another baby backpack reassures me… please wish us luck!

Looks heavenly! I so want to take our little person hiking & camping when the time comes. 🙂

oh my! my husband and i have been hiking/camping on that very beach! love the lost coast so so much. your photos are wonderful. makes me want to go back right now!

You have to tell me your route! I want to do the exact trip. We LOVE camping and this location looks unreal. So happy it's camping season.

I third the idea of the baby backpacking! The trip looks amazing!Thanks

You have inspired me to go backpacking with my little one. My husband thought it would be impossible, but I showed him this post and now he is on board. I second the idea of you doing a post on tips about backpacking with a baby.

Liz, This looks fantastic! I'm planning a fun weekend for my fiance and he loves to camp! We're going! Any tips or tricks to pass along (he's the one who usually plans our camping trips)?Much appreciated!Emilyemilyjwaggoner(at)gmail(dot)com

so, so beautiful…you are geographically blessed! i love SF…

Your trip looks like it was so fun! It makes me want go backpacking too! Someday…

I am expecting my first baby in September and am already thinking about taking her backpacking. Would love to see a post on your backpacking-with-baby tips!s.

Love your blog and love to backpack. Planning on taking our mini this summer on a short fake-o trip in Point Reyes. Maybe we'll switch to the Lost Coast. We've been dying to go up there for years and just haven't made it yet. Hurray for babies and backpacking!

Sounds amazing but be careful with those ticks! Hope you didn't get bit

Wow, this looks fantastic! I imagine a secluded beach like that would be just perfect for setting up camp. Kudos to you!

Lovely! The video would never work with my tot…but he would love the rocks and sand!Thanks for sharing!P.S. I heart your tent. We will need a new one soon.Best,Tina

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