DIY: Yellow Cross Pillow (New Technique)

I made another cross pillow. Here’s my first one in case you missed it. This time I used a different technique that I think was a lot easier. Instead of piecing it together I literally sewed the white cross on top of a large yellow piece of felt. Duh. It was so fast and much easier to make the corners look nice. You do have to cut that cross super super accurately since there’s no hiding crooked lines.
You can see the stitching, unlike the blue cross pillow in which the stitching was hid. I still like it a lot. Another new technique I used this time around was sewing the wrong side of the zipper into the pillow. Not recommended unless you are trying to torture yourself.


So great, this does seem a lot easier. I really must try it

I LOVE the color and the stitching. I think I have been inspired by you once again. THANKS!

Maybe I should make one for my anglophile husband for father's day. Mind sharing the source for the sheets?

i love this yellow one. this does sound a bit more fool proof. thanks for testing out the techniques for us!

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