DIY: Framed Silhouettes

Okay so I know we’ve seen silhouettes for a while but I love this project idea of creating animal versions on top of pretty paper. Unique and super inexpensive art. Bingo. (Also though, don’t you love everything about that image above? The couch, the light fixtures…)
Plus some great tips for hanging art here.
I read once at Apartment Therapy that if you’re hanging one piece of art the center should be 57” high. Which is the average human eye-level. Do you have a specific height you use? What works for you? Are you one of those that can just
eyeball it? Not I.



Love your couch- can you tell me about it- maker, is it still available, etc?thanks!

My method is a bit weird, but pretty effective: When hanging a picture, I usually find the right height by centering the picture on my nose! I'm 5"9', so it ends up being just about right 🙂

I learned in art school to hang on 59.5 inches. For whatever reason that number is used in the gallery/art world and it translates well at home.

i hung gallery/museum pieces during several internships and yes, the average height was about 57-58" high. but in my own home? i just eyeball it. 😉 fun silhouettes (and light fixtures too!).

Hey…I happened upon your blog…and I think we are in the same ward? Sunset? Anyway….I love your style.

oooh, so cute!! love my little dog, and love the idea and making silhouettes. you're right, the styling is gorgeous…

I may have mentioned this to you a few times already, I know I tell everyone who lives in the bay area. . . Check out if you're planning on doing this project. Seriously! A very sweet couple from Palo Alto (Hannah & Jonathan = Angels) go around to different design centers in the area and pick up LOADS of discontinued wallpaper and home decor remnants and give it away to the public. I've found some seriously gorgeous wallpaper that used to sell for over $300 a roll. FOR FREE.You NEED to go. When you do, tell them Melissa & Penelope say hi. I miss them terribly.

what a great look! i'd love some giraffes or elephants too. or maybe even horses. very nice

I eyeball it. I am taller than average, so I am not a fan of those "average" rules. Love the post though! 🙂

I love, love this idea for a pet. I'm passing along to my friend who has a perfect model… I happen to like my frames a bit higher than eye level. I hate rules. 🙂

Thanks for this super informative post! I am one to eyeball it or move my couch a few inches because the art is not centered 😉

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