Weekend Roundup

I have a busy weekend making plans for Jared’s dinner party for his birthday next week and finishing up some projects I’ve been working on.

Here are some fun things to check out:

Been thinking a lot about my hometown in New York and planning a trip there this fall during peak foliage. Love these beautiful city prints by one of our advertisers Cosas Minimas

Considering this baked lemon pasta via Pioneer Woman for the dinner party, has anyone tried it?

Now this is one beautiful clock

Perfectly comfy homemade flats

Making honey cuticle cream to store in altoid cans. I love smart re-use like this.

The new Plants and Animals album is out. And we’ve already bought tickets to their concert next month. So stoked.

I’ve been experimenting sewing big bows and now I’d love to make this skirt

Have a great one! Any fun projects planned?


Well, I think that one of those real bats are wonderful, one of them is exactly the batman's symbol !

Well, hello. I did NOT realize that bats actually make the silhouettes like that. I thought that had to be a print or something because they look just like Halloween decorations 🙂

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