Weekend Roundup

Any fun plans this Easter weekend? We’re having an Easter egg hunt and picnic with friends on Saturday in Golden Gate Park and a nice dinner with family on Sunday. I can’t wait to get the camera out and document what is bound to be a huge fistfight between a dozen neanderthal two year olds in their Easter best.

Some links to explore:

Have you been following all the silhouette ideas over at Inchmark? Brooke always does beautiful work.

Pretty egg dying photos over at Abby try again. Have you dyed eggs yet? I’m working on those today.

A lovely easter garland and a great way to use all those plastic eggs!

Easter dishes: here are some delicious looking ones to try if you haven’t nailed down a menu yet. I haven’t.

I still have work to do on Hank’s easter outfit. Using this toddler bowtie tutorial to complete it.

This shirt has become my wardrobe staple. And I love these two spring scarfs.

Brightly painted radiator. We have the same kinds of radiators in our new place, do I dare?

It’s the time of year to make some cut-offs!

We have a ginormous awesome giveaway coming up next week so stay tuned!


WHAT an amazing husband. Just popped over here and loved browsing through the DIY projects, the ice cream cake, the fabulous T-giving settings, the hummus recipe, etc., but just had to leave a comment after this post on Haiti. My sister worked at the Albert Schweitzer hospital there for a few months, and it's a place close to my family's hearts. Clearly you have an innate sense of design and beautiful crafting, but what a good heart YOU have! Big hugs from Rajasthan, xo.

wow, you guys are incredible. i watched the live chat. unbelievable!

What a lovely blog you have, thanks for mentioning my little store, i'm glad you like it. I try:) cinti

thanks katie, but really it's all matt. my husband has only been there for a few days. matt will be there for a year, apart from his wife and four kids!

I watched the live chat today (and even asked a few questions). I am so impressed with your husband and family and Matt. What a wonderful thing they are doing! I hope enough money was raised for the soccer field! You are all such amazing people.

Good luck on your projects and packing! Can't wait to see your place

Your place looks fantastic! And thanks for introducing me to adventures in dressmaking. So fab!

Are you using a chemical stripper? Have you ever tried stripping with a heat gun? I used it to strip some of the thickly-painted old woodwork in our house when we were remodeling, and it is SO much faster. You can get it all off the first go-around instead of re-applying the Jasco.

this site is so fun! i need some more time to browse a bit!

Thanks you so much for the maps resource. I've wanted a large wall map for ages and haven't found the right one. Now I have more places to look! Thanks again. -Sally

I love all the new to me blogs you've introduced me to lately, thanks!

It's in the inner Richmond right by the part of golden gate park with the museums

Your new place looks GORGEOUS!!! You are one lucky gal…love those built-in bookcases, fireplace, and moldings. Wow. Where is it located in the city?

I've tried it and I can confirm the bon appetit soufflé is amazing!

i'm totally making those clever valentines for elsa's primary class. thank goodness for costco! she'll look so cute holding the lollipop.

Love the heart skirt – feel free to make it for mine. =)

that polaroid photo is so cute. love all these valentine links, i need to plan something too!

your sister and her snow couch are hilarious!so cold! brrr!

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