Rainy Day

It was a kind of rainy and chilly yesterday. When Hank got up from his nap we cut out clouds, colorful raindrops and airplanes (lots and lots of airplanes) to stick on the window. Then we snuggled on the couch to read all the airplane books we had picked up the day before at the library and ate homemade bread with that fresh strawberry jam-continuing out discussion about airplanes (the big kind). I like the change of pace a day like that brings.


I love those windows! Looks like a great apt…

The chill pushed its way straight up to AK causing yet another snow fall..in April…! 🙂 Love the airplanes. Fancy idea.

Love the windows! We had a lot of snow this year and did similar things with snowflakes. Thanks for the idea.We also like to put our "puddle jumpin'" boots on and find some to splash in.Hope the sun comes out today!

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