Modern Kids Photography Giveaway

A super fabulous giveaway going on this week. Sponsor, Modern Kids Photography, is giving away a huuuuuge photo session package to one of you lucky readers. Remember our two sessions with Modern Kids? Sarah was such a pleasure to work with and is really very talented. I love the photos we have from our session and am so excited that one of you will win some as well.
The winner receives:
A Complimentary portrait session with Sarah of Modern Kids Photography
• The session is approx 2 hours and includes a family up to four people, shot on location or at home or a combination of both
• In addition to the session it includes 1 copy of The Modern Booklet. These are custom-designed and hand-made accordion fold style booklets. You can see them here:

Seriously, aren’t these books beautiful? I love the idea of photo books in such a digital age, and these are so tastefully done.
This total package is worth $800 (I told you this is a good giveaway, right?)

A few little rules:
• Winner must be in the San Francisco Bay Area, Greater Los Angeles or Santa Barbara area (you can also nominate someone you know in those areas)
• You must make a comment on this post to enter, and only one comment per entry please
• You have until next Monday, April 12th to enter. Plenty of time to think of someone to nominate if you don’t live in the area.
• Winner will be chosen randomly by and will be announced next Tuesday.

(photos by modern kids)

Good luck!!!


It's still Monday! I would love to win this! Life seems to always get in the way of documenting it! I'm in the Bay Area, but could use a photo op to peel me away from my stomping grounds.

My hard-working sister (she's an elementary school teacher) and her family would be perfect for this (plus, it might help up my favorite sister/sister-in-law/aunt status)! She's pregnant with her second child and never had proper photos taken with her first born. Her and her family live in the Bay Area.

I'm a huge fan – LOVE Sarah's work and would like to enter the contest for my 10 year old daughter!!We live in the San Francisco Bay area.Thank you!!

My modern kids would really go for this, they're such posers. Maybe they can teach me a few things.

I'd love to nominate a great friend and her family in the Santa Barbara area!

we are desperate for a family photo shoot! Our "new" baby is 14 months old.

Sarah is the best, and I would love for my friend Erica and her beautiful family to have this!

MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE PLEASE, thats right I said pick meeeeeeee. Gorgeous and inspiring work!

I wish this were the kind of photoshoot people did when i was a kid. we have one of those funny staged looking formal photos of all of us in velvet dresses and fake eyelashes. I'd love to win this and give it to my parents for an updated family shoot.

What an amazing giveaway! I can't believe someone will be winning it!

My friends live in Santa Cruz and it would be a fabulous thing for them to have such a memory. The kids are growing up so fast that ever since I moved away and I get pictures they have changed so much. This would be perfect for them!

My parents will be visiting from out of the country, and as luck would have it, we are going to be in San Francisco for a few days! It would be so fun to have some photos taken of them with their brand new grandson 🙂

This would be an awesome excuse to use our free flight benefits to visit San Francisco. Is it too late to enter? If it is not too late please let us enter…Please please!

I need this. My mom has been begging me for an updated family picture – last one was in 2004 and is missing our 3 year old son.

Absolutely beautiful shots. I would love to have professional photos taken of my twin boys. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. And I would also like to nominate my brother and sister in law (Jateen and Michelle) who have twin girls that are 9 months older than my boys.

oooh! this is exactly what we need, she takes beautiful photos too

I am crossing my fingers I get this!! We need it so badly. I have zero pictures as a little family of 3.

I'm a photographer myself and ache to have my own family photographed.

ooh! ooh! pick me!! if i win, i don't know if i'd use it for maternity photos or newborn…

I would love some fam photos of the three of us before our little #2 comes along. And maybe they could make my pregro belly look better 🙂

It's so refreshing to see a photographer that does classic work minus all the trendy my baby on railroad tracks stuff beautiful work, modern kids. I'd love to give this package to my brother and his family who live in San Jose.

oh…dreaming of what we would wear! awesome giveaway.April in Napa

Beautiful photography! How fun if I could win it for my brother and his wife who just had a baby on 4/5 in the LA area!

my best friend and her family live in that area, i'd love to give her a birthday surprise!

Oh, I would love this!! And finally a give away that I don't need to be in Utah for. 🙂

Would love this for my little family. We are in the LA area!

i think i'll be in the area next month, i can enter then-right?

I would LOVE to win this! Just had my first baby and some family pictures would be great!

Oh my goodness!!! This would be insanely amazing! We never get cute family photos with all 4 of us!!! Crossing fingers!

love this. as a photographer, i need people to take pictures of me and my family! maybe we can do a trade, ha.

wow, what a great prize! we haven't taken family photos for god knows how long.

I have family in San Francisco and this would be so much fun for their family!!!

Oh, I would love this. We are graduate students at CAL with a small student budget. I am pregnant with our third and have been thinking I had better hone my photography skills because professional photos are not in the cards this time. Please pick me!!

What an awesome giveaway! I loved the shoot she did for you and your family!! Pick me, pick me.

nominating my sister. she just had a baby and would love pictures!

I am nominating my sisters best friend Apryl. She is a designer, artist and mother of 3. She has been through more than I would ever, ever wish upon anyone and she totally deserves this.

your photos were adorable. would love my friend in LA to get some done as well

I would be honored to win. 🙂 Crossing fingers and toes!

would love to enter for my friend who lives just north of san fran

i would love this! i live in santa monica, with my in-laws in santa barbara… so really, its meant to be : ) my little family would feel very, very grateful if we happened to win this amazing photo shoot.

I love her photography and I'm dying for some pictures of our little family!

What an awesome giveaway! We'll be in SF to visit family in June and I would love to win a maternity shoot. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Crossing fingers and toes now!

I nominate my sister and her 3 wild yet adorable sons in LA.

I'd love to nominate my friends Emily and Gabe who just had twins- Greta & Felix!

Can you enter if you'll be in Los Angeles in August? If so, enter me!

My brother and his cute family would love this. They just added a new little gal to their brood so they need some new pics!

We are moving near San Francisco this summer – it would be so great to win.

We'd love to win this and get some photos of our two year old and his little sister (due in a few weeks)!

My sister and her family lives there, this would be a great surprise for them

I'd like to nominate my SIL who is pregnant with her 3rd baby 🙂

This sounds amazing! And the photos are great. Thank you!

Awesome – we live in Southern California – woo hoo!

I would like to nominate my good friend Julia, her husband Matt, and their new little one Sadie who live in the Bay Area!

my sis, bille, lives in the city. she'd love a session.

I would like to nominate one of my coworkers who lives in the bay area! what a fantastic giveaway 🙂

Pick me! Pick me! My amazing co-worker has the cutest and chubbiest baby I've ever seen and I would love for her to finally have beautiful photos.

Pick me! Pick me! I want to nominate my wonderful co-worker who just gave birth to the cutest and chubbiest baby I've ever seen in my life. She lives in Santa Barbara. 🙂

Pick me please! Sarah's work is legendary among my friends!

I have a friend in LA who I'd love to give this to!! She's pregnant with her first baby!

I am so in! Like everyone else I need to get a family picture done since our new little one arrived eighteen months ago! So please pick me!

Would love a session with our fast growing daughter! We live in the bay area.

We loved our photo session with Sara when our twins were born almost 2 years ago. It would be so great to have some updated pictures!

I LOVE Modern Kids' work and am so crossing my fingers for this giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!

I'm moving to the greater LA area in August…count me in if that is soon enough!

I am nominating a friend. My great friend Missy would be so blessed by a photo session for her family. Thanks

awesome photography and what a great giveaway. it would be amazing.

I have a great family to nominate in your area, so please pick me.

We need family pictures so bad. I would love to win. We live in the south bay.

Fun! This would be a perfect excuse for me to take a little trip to the bay area . . . .

i'm such a fan of modern kids, would love to win a session!

I'm a fan of Modern Kids Photography and am pregnant with my first- I would die for a maternity shoot!

I'd love my brother and his family to win this! They have had a rough year and need something fun like this

i'd love my sister to get photos done, she'd love modern kids' style

oh i'd love this, i want to win i want to win i want to win!! (does that help?)

Oh yes please! What a fantastic giveaway. I'd positively die if we won. Love that photobook. I'm near SF.

Oh, can I please win this? We'll be moving from SF soon and I would love some pictures in our favorite SF spot!

Hiya. I know Sarah. I would like to nominate my friend Kate in SF. She has a cute baby son named William. Along with her husband, Andres, they are a cute little family.

I have been inspired by the work modern kids photography for a long time…would be beyond thrilled to win!

We love Sarah's photos!! Our recent session with her was terrific.Am nominating my sister Amanda for this prize.

she just such a great job with your photos, i'd love to get some as well

Oh yeah, count me in, I love the photography she did of your family, amazing!

I'd make a special trip home if we could win this one! We need family pictures!

This would be perfect for my family! What gorgeous photography.

I would love such an amazing opportunity to work with her. Thanks so much for such a generous offering!

i think i'll be in san francisco in june, i'd love to get pictures done then!

I will be in the Bay Area for a week in August if that counts!? I would LOVE to win a family session…

i'd like to nominate my college roommate and her adorable little family in the east bay

Perfect timing! We just had our 2nd child and need to update our family photos!

I nominate my sister who lives in Palo Alto. She has never had professional pictures taken of her family and her oldest will be 10 soon! …fingers crossed!

oh this is exactly the giveaway i want to win right now!!!

Thank goodness we are going to LA soon!!! Pick me, Liz! :)Enter to win a William Riera dress!

i loved your photos, would die to get some of our family. what a great giveaway!!

Oh, yes. I need this! My baby Finn is 16 months and he's still not in a family picture. I loved your session! Her work is beautiful and Sarah seems charming.KelliSanta Rosa

my daugher lives in south bay, i'd love to nominate her and her sweet family

oh pretty please, we haven't had pictures taken since our last daughter was born three years ago! i'd love to win this

Oh my goodness, it's meant to be. I have three small boys that are getting bigger everyday and my husband and I were just talking about how we need to get family pictures taken soon. I live near Santa Maria.

count me in, i live down by Santa Barbara but that counts, right?

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