My little and way hipper sister Becca is majoring in Middle Eastern Studies/Arabic and just started her study in Egypt for the summer. Doesn’t that sound so adventurous and exciting? So jealous. Because she speaks Arabic she’s able to really get to know the people and immerse herself into the culture. It’s really giving me the travel bug. My top travel wishes right now are: Egypt, Morocco, India and Turkey.

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I'm moving to Istanbul in a month and a half … I'll have to keep you posted on the ideal places to visit in the region. 🙂

Um, this is random since I don't even know you, but really enjoy your blog. My little sis just left for the same trip. I think there are only 15 girls there so I am sure they know each other – if not rooming together. I just blogged about her going away party too. Small world.

I so wish I had traveled abroad in college. Ah, but true love kept me in the states. Silly girl. But I married the guy, so I guess it was worth it? :)We visited Morroco…it was an adventure! I wanted to see the kasbah so badly, just so I could say I "rocked it". LOL. I missed the kasbah, not knowing it was the kasbah. So now I say I rocked the kasbah and I didn't even know it! 🙂

My sister majored in the same thing and speaks Arabic too. She was able to go to Morroco in college. I have a plate that she brought back for me which I adore. So fun!

Too funny. My little sis is double majoring in Arabic and International Affairs! She did her study abroad in Jordan and Syria. Her pictures made dream about an exotic vacation as well. I posted some of them here: love your blog, Liz! 🙂

so cool! I have a friend who's been to Morocco like five times and she met her husband there. so jealous making 🙂 p.s. i gave you an award on my blog, I hope you'll check it out 🙂

I am moving to Turkey this summer and can't wait. Donor kebabs, here I come!

turkey is a MUST do. istanbul is amazing. so glad becca's having the experience of a lifetime!

i wish i had done something cool like that in college. what a fun major!

that is so amazing! i'd love to travel there too. i'd love to follow her journey a bit

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