DIY: Cross Pillow

There are a lot of these cross pillows around lately so I decided to try and make one myself.

I had to measure and create a pattern for the actual cross (which was cut out of cream felt). I wanted the pillow to be one large piece sewn together on three sides so the cross would be one piece.
Then I pinned it and cut the felt. It was easy to cut out the blue fabric. I used the negative space from the felt pattern. 2 large rectangles and 4 small rectangles. Pieced it together and sewed. It was tricky at the corners and getting things really straight was harder than you’d think. I’m already considering other ways to do it that might be easier. Would love to see someone try this and use a different approach.
Also. I made my first invisible zipper! It was about time. Not hard at all.

I love how it turned out and am already planning on making second one. Happy to share the dimensions of the cross if you’re making one the same size. Just email me.

Have a great weekend! See you back Monday. Thanks for reading 🙂


Oh, shoot. Now I am coveting your couch, with it's lovely crossed pillow. SO PRETTY! And, I was trying si hard this week to not commit on of the seven big sins. Alas, I envy. I covet. Totally loving your idea!

Yeah the easiest way would be in pieces like quilting. Easier to get everything straight. Maybe I'll take on your challenge of seeing it different after the beehive bazaar this week. I'll let you know. Good job though. You do fabulous work!

i absolutely love pillows and am so pumped to give this one a whirl! thanks for the great idea!

Gina, the black and white pillow is just a random find from Ross. I keep on going back and forth with them- the tags are still on. Can't decide!

I seriously LOVE it! The felt looks great too against that blue

You are a pillow-making pro. I'm so impressed!

so perfect, I really am impressed with how it turned out. looks very j.adler-esque

so so great. really pretty. also where did you get that great black and white pillow?

oh, love this. i was just thinking our couch needed some more pillows. and i love your new lamp.

It looks awesome. I would like to own all of your little projects.

i love it and it looks great with your couch + pillow + lamp. everything!

yeah, i wanted the cross to be in one piece but i'd love to see one made a different way and compare!

Oh yeah, there's a way easier way! If you pieced it in sections… probably in 3 blocks, then all together. But I don't know how important it is for the cross to be in one piece, to me though, it would be just as good pieced:)

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