DIY: Big Bow Pillow

This is the big bow pillow I made yesterday. I started with this tutorial to make the actual bow. Although I made both the bow and the middle piece much much wider. I wanted a big fatty bow. Really, it’s just a big tube with a small tube wrapped around it. Super simple. Like a big bow tie.
But I wanted another layer coming around the back for the pillow. I made a third tube (same width) for that with unfinished edges and strung it through the back of the bow. Then I pinned it all down on the front side and sewed the pillow together like normal (I just did the easy two panel method in back instead of a zipper)

Ta dah!I have another cool pillow in the works so stay tuned…


Love the beautiful pillow! Can you please give the dimensions of the cut fabric pieces for the bow? Thanks!!

I am definitely making this! I love that bows are in!

SO looking forward to trying this one ASAP! I've been hankering for more pillows – this one, sweater pillows, fun DIY anything!

The giant bow has some serious personality! very cute. i really like the bow look on the pillow- i follow that hoboken blog you linked to, i must have started following after her bow pillow cuz i had never seen it before. really cute! now i want to make one!

I think I could actually make this. I'd like to make some pretty pillows for our bedroom, since I think it will ultimately be fairly neutral otherwise. Thanks for sharing.

So awesome – it looks simple but really beautiful. The fabric is also great.

Cute pillow and especially with your chair. I'd love to have one of those chairs.

You do the coolest stuff! I'm totally stealing this idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

I like a lot this idea! I think I will try to do one

Brooke, you could totally use this same technique to put on a skirt, that would be really pretty

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