Weekend Roundup

I’ve been trying desperately to finish up some projects before we move since we have a lot of space in our current garage right now to do work. One involves stripping this old mid century desk for my new office/craft space. Truth: I would not wish paint stripping upon my worst enemy. Especially on old paint. Never again. Our garage is where I’ve been spending all of Henry’s naps and bedtimes for the last few days. I also recovered an old vanity stool in that fabric above. But no more pics until everything is set up in the new place. Here’s a little peak into our new place!

Here are some links for you to explore this weekend (hope yours is more relaxing than mine!):

Great sources list for maps as wall art.

If I had any sort of knitting skills I’d want to make this big soft bear from Purl Bee

Look what you can create for your little babe from old handkerchiefs!

This baked french toast looks so delicious. Do you make something special for weekend breakfasts? I wish I was better at that.

Guys. I’m still thinking about headboards. Maybe my new place will inspire me to get on this once and for all. Isn’t this one just so simple and beautiful?

This melodrama Ikea Heights is hilarious. Takes place in an ikea store, but the store doesn’t know! 7 episodes so far. Couldn’t stop giggling.

For cooking club this week the theme was finger food or miniature food. I made zucchini gratins in little ramekins and will definitely be using this recipe again. Yum!

And some new to me inspiring blogs:

Adventures in Dressmaking
Somewhat Simple
Armas Design
Bright and Blithe

Have a great one!!


Not to toot my own horn…but you might love my Gobble Gobble Turkey T! (it's a free stencil!)http://www.sheblogssheblogs.com/2011/11/diy-gobble-gobble-turkey-t.html

Yes, I definitely want to wear sequins this winter. As the magpie that I clearly am, anything shiny and sparkly has my name all over it. I actually have a sequined cardigan from VS that I got ages ago, and I keep breaking it out again year after year. It has been a more practical purchase than I ever imagined.

that pic is amazing. what a dream to experience new england in the fall.so excited to hear you're at oh-dee-doh. yipee! what a great combo. thanks for the shout out on the chocolate. i've been having a few too vanilla mint days of my own. time to hit the gym.

I have a few kids Thanksgiving ideas :)http://www.whateverdeedeewants.com/2011/11/give-thanks-free-printable-thanksgiving.htmlhttp://www.whateverdeedeewants.com/2010/11/give-thanks-mayflower-place-setting.htmlhttp://www.whateverdeedeewants.com/2011/10/turkey-treat-bag-diy-tutorial.html

Hot. Chocolate. on. a. stick. WHAT?! I must research this… Ahhhh!Also, that picture IS down right MAGICAL! Congrats on writing for Oh Dee Doh!!! 😀

Andrea, I'd say people that live north of New York City consider themselves New Englanders, yes.

Thanks for the tip on Lyndhurst Manor! Do people from New York consider themselves New Englanders? I didn't know that. It does look magical.

sorry so late. THANK you for the shout out, liz. and for the other great finds. xo

Aw, Liz! Thanks for the sweet shout out! I can't wait to be done with the baby bump, though.I love cup a jo's pony tutorial! I'm hoping to get my hair long enough to do a rad side ponytail like that one! It's hot.

Thanks for not leading me to Babble…I love just finding things from your site and not being led to another and another…;) Your ideas are darling.

lovely little things- stay tuned! i'm posting about it tomorrow 🙂

Oh! I do love a treehouse, and that one is just perfect. And those rainbow ribbons are fabulous!

KatzNYC-yes I can see why you're sick of winter there, but the FALL. there is nothing better than New England fall!

love your finds! And I agree — Melissa is the poster woman for looking amazing throughout her pregnancy. She makes pregnancy fashion look so effortless!

How cute are those Japanese balloons? I love the chubby penguins! That would be great for a kids party.

Just found your blog, so cute. I'm in Tri-State area and dreaming about following your foot steps and taking my husband + our cats and move to SF (or anywhere in California). This winter's done it for us.Happy Weekend!

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