Vintage Prom

My littlest sister was just asked to her senior prom and I’m trying (it appears unsuccessfully) to convince her to buy a vintage dress from etsy like this Peach Party Dress or Lace Cream Dress. I really wish etsy had been around when I was picking out a prom dress 12 years ago, but I can try to live vicariously through her now, right?

{dress seen via love it a lot}


both are absolutely dreamy, wish I could go back and wear something so beautiful and unique!

That is so beautiful, I would love to have a reason to wear that!

i just found your blog! it is so awesome! i love the idea of a vintage prom dress. one of the girls in my group had one and i LOVED it. ohh i miss prom.

Gorgeous dress! Too bad we can't all get dressed up and hang out. How fun would that be! Maybe all of these comments will help convince your sister…? 🙂

Gorgeous! Why didn't I know etsy when I was shopping for prom? Next time I need a formal dress for anything, I have a list of lovely etsy choices!

That dress is phenomenal! Etsy and a time machine would make my life so much cooler.

Holy moly! If etsy was around when I got married 11 years ago, I would've loved to float down the aisle in that.

Seriously, if I could do it all over again that would be amazing. I actually got all my dresses in San Francisco at some warehouse that sold designer dresses for cheap…that was pretty cool too. I wonder if they still exist?

I wore all vintage dresses to high school dances back in the '90s. Back then I was a 'freak' for doing it. Ha!

what on earth could she want to wear that's more beautiful than this! (*sigh. kids these days!)

I've tried to convince many a teenage girl to do the same, but to no avail…yet. The vintage dresses are just so beautiful and what they are wearing to prom these days…just glad I'm not the mother of a teenager yet.

So beautiful! having a vintage dress would be so unique. I'm from the UK so we didnt/ dont have proms but if we did I would have loved something like this too!

Totally feel you on that! I love all the vintage formals on etsy, and I definitely would have rocked one to my own prom if etsy had been around back then. I remember scouting the thrift stores for a good vintage dress, but I didn't find one. I ended up wearing a black kimono that I borrowed from a friend.

What a fun dress! My niece use to wear vintage dresses to her school dances, they were so cute! Not to mention, no one else had the same dress 🙂

What gorgeous dress! I completely agree too, I wish etsy would have been around when I went to prom. What a very lucky sister!

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