The Red Balloon

Yesterday I took a break from packing and staining/painting my desk to watch this short film that I remembered from my childhood, The Red Balloon (growing up in my family we watched exclusively old musicals with the occasional foreign film). Remember it too? It was so visually inspiring: The beautiful and bright red balloon against the gray background of 1950s France. Plus very simply sweet. You can actually watch the whole film here. Its only 34 minutes long.
It was a nice compliment to these cookies I made. Which really are the best chocolate chips ever. If you dare to argue this point, I’ll send you my address for an official taste test ๐Ÿ˜‰



Thank you for posting the link to The Red Balloon. My daughter(who is 4) and I watched it together. She loved it! After watching, she said," See,the bad boys don't get to have a wonderful balloon ride, only boys who are nice to balloons do." What a nice simple life lesson.

Such a beautiful film. And you've got me intrigued with these cookies.

I remember this movie too. I believe we had to watch it in kindergarten, I wish I could remember what the reason for that was.Now that you have provided the link, I may just have to watch it again!

I remember this movie. Wow, I would have never thought of that film if it weren't for your post. ๐Ÿ™‚

such a good film. so beautiful and sad at times, but mostly just incredibly happy and amazing. my favorite scene (like everyone else's) is when the little boy meets the little girl. swoooooooon.

Oh, how I love that movie! "Le Ballon! Le Ballon!" I always want to cry (or actually do) when the balloon gets hit with a rock.

It's definitely a must see at least once. I remember being mesmerized by it. Time to see it again, I think.

I loved that movie too when I saw it a while ago. Beautiful

YES. Absolutely! I love the book as well and have a full photoshoot in my mind for my ds when he gets a couple years older. The only thing I can't pinpoint is that deliciously thick white string (it's fluffier than baker's twine) that holds the balloon. For some reason, that is an essential element in my mind– let me know if you ever figure it out ๐Ÿ™‚

Glad I'm not the only one raised on a diet of old musicals and foreign films. And I will absolutely argue that those are not the best chocolate chips ever. These are. I use regular chocolate chips, not the discs, and they're still divine. I wouldn't mail them, but if you're ever back here, I'll make you a dozen.

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