I love the pegboard!! I plan on doing this in my studio!!!

YES! Do it! We (my fiance and I) just put ours up a couple of weeks ago – there's pictures on the blog. It was a little complicated, but…if you already have a pegboard up the hard part's over 🙂

yes, i was thinking of painting it to showcase the pegboard rather than the ugly pots/pans.

I really want to use pegboard in our laundry room, paint it a fun color and use it to hang pain brushes, etc. Thanks for the pics!

I've never seen pegboards look so pretty! It's not something that I've thought about before, but I suddenly want one, haha.

I was just thinking how clever pegboards were this past weekend when I watched Julie & Julia again. Great for an active home chef and quite cute.

ahh that is so fabulous. i recently bought a bunch of colorful old pyrex bowls at an antique market for really cheap! (in case you're wondering where to look 🙂

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