New place!

We signed a lease for a new place and yesterday the landlord asked us what color we’d like the sunroom painted(the one that looks out over the huge community garden and is currently bright pink) :).
That’s all. Giddy with excitement!

(moroccan sunroom pic)


Absolutely lovely, if I had a room like that in my place the only way you could get me to leave would be with a straight jacket. . .

ps. so does this sun-room have room for a family of 5 to come visit?

So jealous! I've always wanted a sunroom. Can't wait to see what you do with it

Ooooh how fun!!! Good luck on the upcoming move- we are in the process of moing this week, too! 🙂 Take lots of photos so we can see, xo! -Holly

sounds completely dreamy…esp. for SF. what fun you will have there!

So what color did you choose? This place sounds wonderful!

Awesome, glad you found a new place. Can't wait to see it.

Wonderful news! Happy you guys found something you are excited about. Awesome location! I'm jealous.

congrats! how accommodating of your landlord. :D(finally popping out of google reader to say hello + let you know i adore your blog. it's so lovely!)

Thanks everyone. We're sacrificing by being a little further away from downtown area where Jared works, but still half a block from golden gate park and the museums like the deyoung. It's huge though, probably more than twice the size of our place now.

congrats on the new place!! and sunrooms are amazing!!

Sounds amazing, more details please! Is it still in San Fran? Pics! Pics!

Ahh! So jealous! I almost rented a place with a sunroom. I love my new place but my landlord won't let me paint. Grr.Can't wait to see it!!! Congrats!!!

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