Arranged by Color

I just arranged books in our built-ins in the living room by color. I love things arranged by color, don’t you?




Or maybe even a bookstore arranged by color? How do they find anything in there??? Beautiful but kind of nutty



i guess i am the only one who really does not want to see anymore bookshelves arranged by color.

wow. i love seeing books arranged by colour & this is no exception. so happy to have stumbled upon your blog!

Wow, I just want to visit that book store arrange but colour. How utterly wonderful!!

my hubby and i did it as well after our sweet housekeeper….arranged it big to small….i flipped a bit and decided to do the color thing….i love it…

Lordie how I love your bookshelves. When I was a kid, we had built-ins that looked SO much like yours. I miss them terribly. I love the idea of arranging by color. It just looks so…right.

Yes, my bookshelf is half colorful and half white/black

Oh, I love the bookstore arranged by color! That would be tricky to navigate, though. I keep wanting to arrange my books by color, and then I realize that most of them have boring academic covers in neutral colors that wouldn't make much of an impact. Oh well.

haa the bookstore arranged by color is so beautiful but you're right– so crazy! I really feel bad for the employees there!

So inspiring, but you're right about the books…a little insane.

I just arranged all of my now-coverless hardbound books by color the other day. Made me wish I had more of them, but paperbacks just fit my budget better. You can see them on my blog post from last friday. Can't wait to see more of your new place; your wood-trimmed windows alone are amazing!

I've always arranged my books by colour. It's the easiest way for me to find anything!

that looks awesome. i don't know how it would work if i re-arranged all my books by color… i think most of them are white or black!

I have been meaning to arrange my books by color. I just love the way it looks! Stop by my blog to enter a giveaway for a free pair of sandals!

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