Weekend Roundup

{Image by James Moes}

Some lovely things seen around this week:

I love this photographer, James Moes, from enchanting Vancouver. The images make me want to take a road trip up north.
There’s no way I can wait until next Valentine’s day to try this beautiful cake.
Don’t want to splurge on a zig zag rug? Make your own!
I’ve loved following Givers Log and the little gifts mailed as documented by the 13 ounces or less flickr group. Any ideas on what you can send?
Have you checked out Mrs. Lilian’s blog yet? It’s beautiful. Her daily collections are perfection.
Hand drawn portraits of party guests? Martha brilliance!

Roman is here! And he is the sweetest/cutest/cuddliest thing ever. I’m loving Jordan’s labor and delivery polaroids
We’ve had amazing weather here this week in San Francisco: 70 degrees plus! It’s been just beautiful. Looking forward to a beautiful, relaxing weekend here. Have a great one.


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