Weekend Roundup

(image via fffound)

Have something lovely and romantic planned this weekend? Jared is hiking the Lost Coast for a couple days so that will give me plenty of time to plan something fun for when he comes home Sunday. Thinking of a great dinner menu now. So many great things in preparation for Valentine’s day seen in the blogosphere, I love holidays on the internet! Here are some favs:

My little sister enjoying breakfast on a snow sofa she made in my family’s front yard after the huge east coast storm. Hilarious! Ahhh, snow days.

I like making fancy desserts on Valentine’s Day. This milk chocolate souffle looks divine.
A great February music mix to cheer you up through winter
I want a little girl just so I can make her one of these pink elastic skirts with heart pockets
Last minute printable valentine etsy roundup at Passionista
Simple and pretty valentine bracelets
Stripey $12 shoes from Forever21 gets me excited for spring
How would you wear this sash? So many ways, I love it!
Once again, loving Gabby’s clever valentines here. I wish Betty were my valentine.


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