Sutro Baths

My mother and I both enjoy hiking and we’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful weather here by exploring some areas over on the North Western tip of San Francisco, Lands End. One of my favorites was visiting the remains of these Sutro Baths, which were built in 1896 as the world’s largest swimming pool. How fun do these look??
Seven different pools at Sutro Baths, both fresh and salt water for locals to swim in during the chilly San Francisco summer. At high tide, water from the ocean literally spilled right into the salt water pools. How incredible does this look? Now, only skeletons of the pools remain, and some spooky caves and beautiful hiking trails along the cliffs.
The Sutro Baths are right next to this beautiful Cliff House. This photo is what it looked like before it burned down in 1907 (survived the 1906 earthquake and then tragically burned down a year later!). Incredible, right?

{Images from here}
It looks like this now, took this yesterday from my phone


My mom swam there when she was a kid before they were destroyed.

Not only is that tunnel cave creepy it's SO LONG!!! I mean, anyone could be in there! I went through it by myself once, when I still lived in San Fran, and I felt like I passed some test of the gods. And for some reason, walking BACK through it was scarier than the first journey. Thanks for that jog down memory lane!!

That postcard is iconic, isn't it? My grandmother used to take us for lunch at the Cliff House.

i loved going to the bath ruins when i lived there. what fun it would have been to go to them when they where around.

And now I can't get the Cliff House's calamari out of my mind. Mmmm.

I love love LOVE seeing places like this. Did you take any pictures of what it looks like now? My mind is screaming "photoshoot"! I MUST stop there next time I'm in Hayward visiting family 🙂 Thanks for the tip!

My grandparents had that first picture above their big jacuzzi bathtub when I was growing up! I always loved looking at it when I took a bath. Looks like fun.

How awesome! I would just love seeing this. I also would have loved that hotel. I'm going to go investigate it now – thanks.

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